The stunning Mistress Katerina and Lady Lucea are hosting unique one-off VIP events this Summer.

It is Your unique opportunity to dabble into the world of Domination & total Submission.
You will participate with fellow subservient at an offer of £50.
If you desire to meet us or even encounter the power two experienced Mistresses – this is your perfect chance. 
To get more information or to book – email us to or
Or keep an eye on or
Be aware that there are limited spaces. The further events will be aligned to dates and times soon:

___Slave Training Event___

Train yourself to become a perfect slave. Test your pain threshold and push your limits into ultimate submission.
Can you take it like a good sub?

___Humiliation & Spanking Party___

Are you going to be able to take a good spanking? Or you are going to cry like a sissy whore?
Measure your ability to pass though all the humiliation and take it like a good boy you are.

___Naughty Pupil & Strict Head Mistresses Day___

Have you completed your Homework? Have you finished revising for your exams?
You should know quite well by now what kind of punishment you will receive if you don’t fulfil your tasks.
30 strokes of our favourite canes – will be just a start…

___Body Worship & Punishment Play___

Your duty is to please the Mistresses in all aspects of your existence in this world. If you are unable to complete the tasks to our satisfaction – variety of punishments will be inflicted on your already sour bottom. But if you succeed – you may be allowed to worship our beautiful bodies.

___Boot Camp Special___

Attention! Attention you unworthy pigs!
Drop down and give me 20! And don’t forget to kiss my feet!
We will shape you into submission. And if you are shapeless – we will break you! Break you until you can’t handle it.
Do you think you are any good at all soldier boy?