I have just worshipped Lady Lucea for the second time and cannot believe it was even more exhilarating than the first worship.
Lady Lucea is simply exceptional, combining beauty with intellect, intuition and a caring but commanding nature. I have melted in Lady Lucea’s presence twice but have been inspired to do the best I can to give the required level of worship.
The session began with worship of Lady Lucea’s beautiful feet and it truly is an honour to be tasked with easing feet, tired from dancing around your head. Any sub who wishes to please Lady Lucea should remember how much homage should be paid to such beautiful feet and legs.
Lady Lucea is so skilled at what she does and for every second of the session I was in Lady Lucea’s grip. Some of the things that separate Lady Lucea from other Dommes are the intensity of the session and the level of encouragement given. Lady Lucea wanted me to please her and provided inspiration alongside punishment. I was encouraged to relax and this helped intensify the physical and emotional aspects of the session.
I would not want to go in to full details of the session but Lady now has full ownership of my ass. The sight of Lady Lucea smiling with a beautiful cock ready is something that does not disappear from your memory. If you want to earn rewards then you have to make sacrifices for Lady Lucea. I really cannot speak highly enough about my sessions ( both 1 1/2 hours) and we have already discussed how my learning can continue through worship. Lady Lucea is a wonderful, wonderful woman who inspires me to give everything…roll on session 3.
Thank you