LADY LUCEA was taller than expectations from the www gallery pictures and that she had firm, magnificent biceps as well as stunning  good looks.  She was welcoming, and relaxed.

For starters she smacked me across the face hard, very hard, (I had previously said that smacking, body punching, nipple torture, CBT were my main interests).  I had never been hit so hard before, and soon was hit even harder,this was going to be good.

Lady Lucea delivered very good on all my requests. Her body punching was very hard, delivered with no hesitation, better than any other. I am used to being punched hard but, these many hard face slaps and body punches were at the limit of what I could cope with. this was exactly what I wanted.

Next some Nipple Torture and CBT. I was keen to learn new tricks as I sat on the high padded chair to await my fate. The tool that was to be the highlight at first looked ordinary,  flat spade like squeezers that even when first applied to my nipples I thought  “I can take this no trouble”. But as they remained in place and were deftly worked around by LADY LUCEA it raised the pressure of its squeeze and was a major thrill, now thinking “can I keep up bearing this” !. I was very surprised how it increased the squeeze effect. This continued for say 15 minutes, with no rush by Mistress who always kept me at ease but with a belief she had surprises in store.”. the anticipation was good

CBT followed still in the high chair, tying, tension, of my balls, varied squeezing taking place, variation of pressure the best way to thrill. At any time a heavy face slap or body punch would unexpectedly crash in, reminding  me what I had asked for and was getting in full.

Caning I had little experienced of before, so tentative on this but Lady Lucea gave me new, good, well controlled experiences. I knew from her slaps and punches that she could hit the top when it came to dishing it out ,I was so nervous  face down  for caning that she may have  punished me more than I wanted, but she understood  giving me just the level I required ,thanks so much.

CBT and Caning was great  but it was the slapping, hard body beating with punches and nipple torture that were my main desire and they were delivered to perfection. There is no doubt I will be back for more of the heavy same and some new tricks that I am sure Mistress will surprise me with.

I recommend trying something new, with a skilled Mistress good at reading clients needs. I know that paid for me and next time will be expecting more new ideas to enliven what I know will be a rewarding most exciting session.

This time it way exceeded expectations, next time expectations will be high but Mistress has the goods to push things higher still.

I am very much looking forward to my next session with this Highly skilled Mistress.

Thank you Lady Lucea



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