I visited Mistress Katerina and Lady Lucea for a 2 hour double Dom session last week. This was my second visit to Mistress Katerina, I wanted to place myself at the mercy of both these delectable Ladies.

When I entered the chamber I was greeted by them both. They were dressed in black lingerie and stilettos, which was as I had requested. They both looked absolutely stunning. After a discussion on what I hoped to get from the session, My hard limits etc. before the session starts they are both very charming and easy to discuss the session with. Then it was down to business. I had asked for a session of C.P. electrics and strap on.

It is quite obvious that both ladies love delivering caning and whipping. They both laid into me pushing me hard to find my limits. Quite often in sessions one gets the feeling that a Dominatrix is just going through the motions and not really enjoying it. With Mistress Katerina and Lady Lucea you can tell they are beating you because they want to. I have a taste for having my balls attached to a leash and the Dominatrix using this to control me. I feel this reinforces the dominatrix’s power over me. This they did with great skill.

Later it was out with the strapons. I was subjected to being spit roasted with increasingly big dildos. Once again you get the feeling that both Ladies were enjoying themselves.

Then back to the whipping bench for another 100 or so cane strokes.

All in all an excellent session.


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