Today I had the honour and privilege of a double domme session with Lady Lucea and Mistress Katerina in Walsall. It was easy to find the facility and parking was available. When I saw the Goddesses I couldn’t believe how stunning they both are in person. Many have said their pictures don’t do them justice and they are right. Absolute knockouts and really friendly. Put me right at ease. They were dressed in PVC and thigh boots as I asked for me in my email. I asked for an interrogation / torture scenario and they did not disappoint. Handcuffed to a chair I was verbally humiliated and nipples tortured. It was so exciting being at the mercy of two such beautiful ladies.

I was strapped to a bed and tortured some more, led around on a lead, made to bark, used as an ashtray, ordered to lick their thigh boots and trampled under the two Goddesses.

The hour went so quickly and I cannot wait until next time. If you are thinking of organising a session with these beautiful ladies stop thinking and do it.

After the session the ladies chatted showing just how friendly they are. I left and was in shock how much fun I had. Nipples are still sore now and a great reminder.

Sgt Bitch

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