What a wonderful 90 minutes spent with the lovely Lady Lucea  and her double domme partner in crime Mistress Katerina, the lovely ladies dressed all in black, LL  in her top of the thigh tight outfit and black fishnet stockings and MK in her tight black skirt and red shoes.

We started the session having my penis and bollocks tied to the ceiling hoist and while MK tickled my feet and sat across my legs pinning the bottom half of my body to the floor whilst striking my penis and bollocks with her cane LL  sat fully clothed on my face attempting to suffocate me, I think she almost succeeded , as they were both dressed in black I thought they new some thing I did not and they may be dressed up for my funeral. 

We followed this up with a 30 minute session of mummification being lifted 2 feet of the floor and continually swung across the room by the two lovely ladies, they then fitted 4 hardcore nipple clamps, 2 on each nipple whilst violently twisting the clamps and striking my backside and penis at the same time with their whips and canes
A truly splendid and agonising 30 minute session in a mummified state, we then indulged in a strap on session with one lady at either end sheer bliss, I almost choked myself.we then ended the session with 60 strikes 30 of each lady, and I can vouch that they were 60 of their finest strikes, bringing tears to my eyes, I  was almost bouncing off the ceiling. a truly splended 90 minute session ladies. I would highly recommend these two lovely sadistic ladies to all you subs out there.
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