Second visit to Lady Lucea,

If you want to be bullied, punished, tortured and tormented by an absolutely beautiful superior woman, who has great fun with it, look no further than Lady Lucea.

Lady lucea looks fab on her web site but believe me, the photos don’t do her justice. In person she is totally stunning and her dominate, playful cruel personality are everything I have hoped for. It really was and honour to worship her truly beautiful feet.

I love to be bullied by a superior woman who enjoys making me serve and suffer, and I genuinely loved every second under Lady lucea’s control.

So be it being slapped by goddesses lovely gloves hands, being walked all over by her, worshipping her stocking feet , To having my biceps tortured by her knees as she knelt on them I loved it.

I am not normally a pain junky, but loved having my nipples tortured by the heels of her beautiful high heel shoes as she casually laughed at me, whilst expertly exploring my pain threshold, taking me close to my limit but not beyond. I would beg her to do it again, in a heart beat.

I also genuinely loved the swish and lash of her riding crop on my butt and the fact that I was taking it because, Lady Lucea sentenced me, and carried out the sentence of 10 lashes for a slight mistake. Whilst she laughed at me and made me thank her after every stroke.

Again Mistress explored my pain threshold but expertly knew when I was close to it. I loved Mistress setting the sentence and her pleasure at dishing them out. I hope that mistress will sentence me again soon and really test my limits again.

The session was over all to quickly I loved all of it. The highlights, apart from serving her feet were. Mistresses amusement in pushing her used stocking into my mouth, and making me clean the foot Part. And mistress allowing me to drink water from her mouth as she dribbled it in to mine.

The best Dominatrix I have ever visited by a mile A stunningly superior woman.

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