a reminder to all you girls, boys ,sluts ,sissies .subs,slave.

when contacting Lady Lucea for the first time

  1. Never text on first contact always email or phone …and leave a brief  message if Mistress is unable to take your call.
  2. Do not bore her with constant questions, 1 or 2 questions not an issue, Mistress really dislikes questions  regarding tribute rates , most answers are on my website do not be lazy take time to read it
  3. Have a couple of dates and times in mind for the session to commence
  4. Always be polite and courteous at all times address me as Mistress Or Lady Lucea  …. Lady Lucea commands respect
  5. And finally do not waste my time this is not Babe Station I refuse to sit down and talk for you to get your sexual gratification.
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