I recently enjoyed a great session with Lady Lucea. As always she is a delight to behold with a smile which would enchant the birds off the trees and a sense of fun that sets the tone for our time together. Dressed in PVC and commencing a warm up period with the cane she soon had my bottom glowing ready for some serious punishment later. Her enjoyment throughout the session was evident and it was not long before her attention was directed to my inviting nipples which she tormented and tortured well beyond previous limits which at times was very painful as she stretched and pulled them until they bled when pain and pleasure seemed equally balanced.
Then to the caning! On each session before the number of strokes had gradually increased, but on this day starting with a small number of strokes we continued beyond previous occasions and lost count. Towards the end when we might have stopped Lady lucea would ask me if I wanted more and a further ten very hard strokes would be administered. I lost count of the number, but perhaps for the first time I really entered the zone where, as Mistress explained, the endorphins were kicking in and it felt like I could take as much and as hard as she wished to give me.
When the session ended it felt like I was on a higher plane and we agreed that on the next occasion I would receive at least 100 very hard strokes, in short a really good thrashing. We both enjoyed this session and I look forward to the next one with increasing excitement tinged with a touch of healthy fear. How lucky I am to have such a beautiful, fun loving Mistress as Lady Lucea.
Sub J X