Session Review by James, 10 September.

Lady Lucea says on her website that “if you`re looking for a stern Mistress who doesn`t smile I`m not for you” – this is certainly true. What photographs often hide is the personality, she is obviously beautiful, but perhaps more importantly than that, she has a sparkling manner which will very quickly remove any `nerves` you might have. Lady Lucea is mature beyond her years, supremely confident and at ease right from the start, which will encourage you to be honest and trust her.

The session I `enjoyed` with her included nipple torture, some very mild cbt (I`m not much of a fan of this, but I`m sure Lady Lucea will educate me), strap-on, moderate caning, and some flogging. The whole session was conducted in a light-hearted manner with plenty of humour, but I was never in doubt as to who was in charge. Because I hadn`t visited a Mistress for a long time I had asked her before the session to reintroduce me to a caning, which she did perfectly, giving me a series of fives, tens and twenties throughout the session, some of them quite hard, but I was able to take them, just. Her judgement, in how far to go, was impeccable

I will certainly return and be taken further in the hope that eventually I will be able to take a good thrashing which hopefully make us both happy, me for taking it and she for giving it. Whether you`re experienced or not, I strongly advise you to request an appointment with this wonderful Mistress.

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