A Testimonial on my recent visit to Lady Lucea by Slave N
I recently had my first session with Lady Lucea and found it to be an amazing experience. I am seen a few Mistresses over the years but non for a year or so and this session was a great way to come back.  We exchanged a few emails first me just explaining my likes and dislikes and Mistress adding in her views which meant we didn’t have to discuss this or follow a script on the day which worked perfectly
On the day I waited in reception for Mistress and when she appeared I was bowled over by her beauty she has the most gorgeous face and stunning figure I knew from that point on I would enjoy submitting to her. Also Mistress was really friendly out of the session and I felt I could tell her anything. Once the session started she became good fun but with a harsh side if I didn’t please her which came out a couple of times at my expense. I had asked for humiliation which she seemed to be able to get into my head, CP which was very good bearing in mind my year out. She really came into her own when she put on her strap on, it was like it was part of her body and she completely owed me with it. After the session my mouth and backside both ached and I felt that I had been used
Mistress has told me of the things we are going to develop over the coming sessions, some I am very excited about and some I thought I would never try but will for her.
Slave N