I have been seeing Lady Lucea for a 2 hour session almost every month for nearly 3 years and after a long search, I can honestly say that I have finally found the perfect Mistress.  She is incredibly beautiful, and from the very first time I saw her, I have felt welcome, at ease and relaxed.

Lady Lucea is not an aloof or remote Mistress, she is friendly and fun with a beautiful smile and clearly enjoys her sessions as much as I love to serve her.  Lady Lucea is both sensuous and strict, inflicting pain in such a kind and caring manner it leaves me wanting to be able to take more just to please her.  She tortures my nipples and administers both CBT and CP almost to my limits, but always with a smile and a laugh.  Our sessions are always very varied and no two sessions are ever the same: she has taught me to serve her in many new ways.


Lady Lucea is unique and I love my Mistress and only wish I could serve her more often.

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