Well, I have enjoyed my first experience with the delectable Lady Lucea, and in summary all I can say, what a truly wonderful experience. Mistress Lucea kindly granted me permission to serve her for a two hours session at her very well equipped chambers. I am not new to serving dominant women, but I have to say serving Mistress Lucea is a whole different experience, one I will never and do not want to forget, and the first of many chances I hope. I have to say Mistress Lucea looks every bit as elegant and sexy as her photos portray, but what you cannot get from her photos is that heart stopping feeling of seeing her in person, and the pleasure of worshipping her silky smooth body, is a privilege beyond all others, with a scent so sweet that it stays with you long after you have left, along with her truly unforgettable cheeky laugh of enjoyment, as she torments you, you just know she is taking great delight in tormenting you all for her pleasure and if listening to that laugh and sensing the great pleasure she takes isn’t enough, her methods of encouragement can’t help but have you doing whatever she wants for her pleasure, and what’s more with a smile on your face, (which Mistress Lucea took great pleasure in pointing out before tormenting my nipples some more). I have to say everything about serving Mistress Lucea is addictive. I would challenge anybody to resist that beautiful smile, stunning body and oh so captivating sense of humour, only to be had by serving Lady Lucea, and not become addicted to her, as am I now… Lady Lucea is a special Mistress who I am looking forward to serving in any way I am able, my search for that one mistress is now over. Thank you Mistress Lucea.

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