After a number of emails I was granted permission to visit the beautiful Lady Lucea at her Walsall chambers.
I confirmed my appointment in the morning and arrived at the appointed time.I was understandably nervous and excited at the thought of what was about to happen.A lady showed me in and took me upstairs where I met the delectably elegant Lady Lucea, she was dressed in a black skin tight outfit  which can be seen in her photos,it barely concealed her smooth toned body ,she held out her hand which I kissed.She then led me to her chambers, a few formalities followed and the session began.I worshipped her extreme stilettos while she humiliated and spat on me. Then she made me play the roll of her dog fetching  a ball in my mouth, after which I completely wimped out when mistress gave me 20 strokes I begged for mercy after only 5 but mistress insisted I take the full amount. I was then treated to being trampled, having Lady Lucea’s devine feet squashing my body and face was pure heaven. The highlight of the session was when I was tied to a chair fixed to the wall, my hands and legs immobilised mistress put a blind fold on me , I was totally at her mercy I dare not wonder what this beautiful woman  was going to do to me.The pin wheel dug into my flesh as she laughed and covered me in spit.I was later allowed to give a foot massage it was a real pleasure for me to touch her smooth,silky,soft, skin. finally I was permitted to relieve  my frustration on to the floor which of course I had to clean up.

In conclusion it was the best session I had ever had,every sub should visit Lady Lucea and experience her sensual goddess like domina.

p.s  don’t forget the envelope

slave Andy

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