Lady Lucea is without doubt, in my opinion, the ultimate dominatrix. As a Mistress she commands control, power and respect over her slaves. At the same time she uses her exquisite body, beautiful smile and infectious laugh to captivate her slaves so that they kneel at her feet to worship her as a Goddess.
I have served mistresses before, but none can compare with Lady Lucea. She quickly found out which “buttons to press” to ensure I serve her as a slave to her complete satisfaction. My sessions with Lady Lucea are relaxed and often humorous, frequently punctuated by her delightful laughter, but there is never any moment when she is not in complete control of my body and mind. She always reminds me that the purpose of our sessions is to give her amusement and entertainment. Any pleasure that I gain from a session is purely secondary to her requirements.
A typical session begins with me on my knees before Lady Lucea, worshipping her beautiful feet and silky, smooth toned legs. For a slave there is no greater privilege than being allowed to worship her in this way.
Lady Lucea adores strap-on play. On my knees before her she instructs me to suck her cock and take it as far as possible into my mouth until I am gagging. This is a great turn-on for Lady Lucea and she expects me to continue sucking her cock non-stop until she is sated.
A thorough flogging makes up the third element of a typical session. I am usually strapped across a bench or tied facing the wall on a St Andrew’s cross, totally vulnerable and at her mercy. Lady Lucea wields her whips expertly. The flogging starts softly, getting harder and swifter with each stroke. Lady Lucea punctuates the flogging with laughter and by complementing herself on her handiwork.
The session ends with me being allowed to kneel before her again to worship her feet. I always leave Lady Lucea’s chambers with her smile imprinted in my brain and her laughter ringing in my ears. I always know, and can feel, that I have been well and truly used and abused.
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