“A testimonial from Dave’s useless penis known as “Little Dave”: From the time
he set eyes on Lady Lucea, the most beautiful Mistress that he has ever
encountered, he was putty in her hands. The fact that he had got lost and
arrived late meant that Lady Lucea was very angry & she took that anger out on
me by whipping me and the enormous balls that I have the misfortune to be
connected to. I actually enjoyed this and became very aroused. Lady Lucea soon
put paid to that though by humiliating Dave as he was lead around the room on
all fours and made to yap like a little doggy. Then it was onto the whipping
bench where his backside was given a thorough caning, spanking and whipping(I
think Mistress took pity on him as I think he could have taken a harder
beating). Despite her anger, Lady Lucea allowed Dave the pleasure of
worshipping he gorgeous bottom (fully clothed of course). Dave did make the
mistake of being very cheeky throughout the session and was duly punished by
being slapped around the face and verbally put in his place. At the end of this
perfect hour, he was allowed to stroke me in front of Lady Lucea until I
exploded into his hand. A perfect ending to a perfect session with the perfect
Mistress who is Lady Lucea. Thank you on behalf of both of us, we will return
very soon if you will allow us the privilege”