The photos on Goddess Lucea’s site attempt to portray Her true pulchritude, but a camera has not yet been invented that could accurately represent just how unique She truly is.


As it was my first session with Her, She had kindly chosen one of the more domestic session rooms from Her multi roomed chambers which are housed in a fabulous warehouse facility to try and help me endure the thrashing I was about to receive, more hardened masochists are taken to the austere dungeon rooms for the severe floggings She administers to them.


She wore an outfit that made Her look more like a VP of a multi national corporation, a chiffon black see through blouse and knee length butter soft leather pencil skirt with fishnet stockings and patent high heels, it’s elegant classy softness helped ease my mind of the serious punishment She was about to dist out.


My session was booked two months in advance, so the waiting was very trying, but is afforded me time to reflect on just how fortunate I was to be granted a visitation.


By a strange coincidence there is a Leather Works Museum in Walsall, when Goddess elects to retire She should donate Her straps to it, as they are magnificent pieces of craftsmanship not to mention very painful.


Mistress was intending to give a further 50 lashes of a very severe Delrin cane, which She had already thrashed me with 120 times, I was genuinely relieved She spared me that.          No worshiping of any kind was included in my session, something I feel certain most subs very much relish, but quite ridiculous to even think you should be so rewarded on a first session, I did however get to kiss Her most elegant hands a number of times.

After having administered a total of almost 500 strokes of Her wonderful implements with gusto, She noticed that I was beginning to struggle, She ever so gently stroked the back of my head as She stood close to me in Her beautiful leather skirt, and said in the most soothing tone of voice “I’m very impressed with you today, slave Anthony”


Allowing me to hold on to my dignity and not forcing me to scream for mercy, made me want to cry for Her, having been successful in getting Goddess Lucea’s sadistic juices flowing, I felt She would have truly enjoyed lacerating me, but only my weakness and Her professional caring, spared me from being cut to shreds by this most brilliant disciplinarian.


Should all your birthdays come together at once and you be permitted to session with Lady Lucea, you will experience what could only be described as the Perfect Woman, kind but most definitely in charge.

No written account could respectfully capture enough the overwhelming feeling of passion for Her, that will enter your heart if you are chosen. You will be irrevocably moved by the controlled dominance that exudes from this Mistress remembering that, if you are only a trainee masochist, like me, She has spared you the type of punishment, you know that this Goddess would like to have delivered to you, were you a hardened slave.

One last piece of advice for the brave… write and speak as perfectly as you can when addressing this Lady as there is a great likelihood that you will never encounter such an eloquently spoken and intelligent a person as this brilliant Woman.   Besides obedience you will also have learned English from a magnificently perplexing Dominatrix.

The mental gymnastics that this most gracious Lady can exert on you is yet another example of the infinite and caring charge She will have over you… any sub fortunate enough to serve this Lady will learn to…


‘Ask not what Lady Lucea can do for you, ask what you can do for Lady Lucea’


If it were to be the penultimate act of your existence, beseech this adorable Woman to allow you to grace Her presence with every fiber that exists in your body, whether She is gentle or severe with you, you will have been face to face with a Lady so beautiful that She could be the United Kingdom’s winning entrant in the Miss World pageant.


slave Anthony

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