I had a fantastic session with Lady Lucea. She is incredibly beautiful and really sexy, and she has a uniquely modern approach to domination that I found really refreshing and exciting.

Lady Lucea can be strict, sadistic yet fun all at once.

I love verbal humiliation. These days, few Mistresses will do verbal humiliation. Lady Lucea does, and she is brilliant at it. She enjoys it.

I was impressed by how Lady Lucea remembered all the session interests and hard limits I described to her in my email to her. She is really professional.

Lady Lucea takes sessions in Walsall and West Bromwich. I sessioned with her at the dungeon in Walsall. This is a huge building with several well equipped rooms.

I am normally nervous during a first session but Lady Lucea put me at ease within a few seconds and I found myself wanting to submit to her immediately. Rather than go into the fine details of the session (because your interests might be different to mine), I will say that Lady Lucea’s combination of beauty, skill, enthusiasm and modern approach helped create an amazing session that encourages me to want to go back for more.

I thoroughly recommend that you session with Lady Lucea, and I hope to see your testimonial here along with mine.

slave p