Dear Lady Lucea

“When Lady Lucea opened the door and I got my first glimpse of her I thought ‘”wow, she is gorgeous !” In the flesh Lady Lucea is like her photos… only much better. The photos don’t do justice to her faultless complexion, her wonderful bottom, the twinkle in her lovely eyes and her indefinable charisma. She reminded me of a young Denise Lewis, which is no bad thing. One of the first things Mistress did was to come intoxicatingly close to me and say “you do want to make me happy, sub, don’t you ?”. In that moment to make her happy was my dearest wish. Mistress did not need to shout or punish to compell obedience. Her sheer beauty and presence left me aching to obey her. Feeling a real pride and gratitude to be able to abase and degrade myself for Mistress’s pleasure and amusement. I whole-heartedly recommend you to seek an appointment with the divine Lady Lucea. You’ll be glad you did.