Met Lady Lucea for the first time on Tuesday 07.10.14. WOW!!!! doesn’t cover it.

Chatted to Her on the phone the day before and arranged to see Her. I had specifically wanted to meet a Black Dom as I hadn’t seen anyone for quite awhile and I was quite nervous as She looked stunning on Her profile. I am 70 BTW and was worried about that.
Found Her dungeon quite easilly. Met Her and was knocked off my feet. WOW!!!!!! again. I’m only 5-8 and She towered over me in Her high heels. A smile that would dazzle Mr. Colgate. A body that any model would die for dark and wonderfully toned. Every muscle clear in it’s definition but not too much, just beautiful. Lady Lucea punished me and took note of how much I could take and laughed at me. She never stopped talking, humiliating me, degrading me. Telling me how lucky I was, I knew, I knew!
Lady Lucea has agreed that I may visit Her again and continue my training under Her.
She is all She says she is plus Her pics cannot show Her personality and sense of humour in Dominance.
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