Whilst this is a tribute to Lady Lucea, it is also a warning to anyone thinking
of visiting her: She is addictive; once you have submitted to her you will be
hooked, she really is that good. After just my 2nd visit I can honestly say
that I have finally found the perfect Mistress after all these years of
looking. Why is she the best? Well just for starters:

Cruel – You bet she is; I am sitting very uncomfortably as I type this tribute
6 hours since our session.

Stunningly beautiful – Unquestionably so. The photos on the website do not do
her justice

She has the rare ability to humiliate, punish & dominate whilst maintaining a
pleasant non-intimidating atmosphere about the session. You know that she is
getting real pleasure from your pain & embarrassment as she pushes your limits.

Her eyes can one minute scare you as they indicate that she is not happy with
you and you are going to pay for it but the next minute you melt in their

Oh & did I really nearly forget to mention the nicest pair of legs that I have
ever been ordered to follow around on my hands & knees.

Thank you Lady Lucea, I am already finding it hard to obey your instruction